Christmas Shipping

It is amazing how we were still shipping items for “Before Christmas” delivery as of this week! Supply chain and the logistics world has been so changed and sped up that items shipped today and tomorrow can still arrive in time to be placed under someone’s Christmas tree. We are so happy to be part of this world and making …

INSBY Awards

We were recently invited to attend INSBANK’s fourth annual Entrepreneur Bash and INSBY Awards ceremony, where we had the honor of taking home a coveted INSBY ourselves! INSBY Award winners are recognized for their innovative approaches to their respective industries. The night praises deserving local businesses and raises funds for the Nashville Entrepreneur Center, a non-profit organization whose mission is …

Need for Speed Increases

Consumers are demanding faster and cheaper delivery everyday it seems. This is why FSI, Inc. is glad to be in TN, Where 70% of the US population lives within a two-day drive.    

FSI Kitting

Women in Supply Chain

We are very proud to be a woman-owned business with a large number of female employees in the world of supply chain and fulfillment. We strive to always have great diversity among our employees as it brings great creativity and different experiences to the table. Celebrating and Encouraging Women in Supply Chain

FSI Featured on Success Files with Rob Lowe

At FSI, we take a holistic approach to solving your supply chain needs. In our interview with Success Files, you get an inside look into how we operate, how we use our expertise to make your business run more smoothly, and how we save you money by providing an end-to-end supply chain network.

Virginia Lodge: FACES of Nashville

Virginia (Gina) Lodge has taken any opportunity that has come her way, including joining FSI, Inc. as CEO, serving as a cabinet member for former Governor Bredesen’s administration, serving as commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Human Services, an appointment by President Barack Obama to serve on the board of directors of the Tennessee Valley Authority and sharing her passion for …